S-150 (Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Making Machine)

In order to fulfill various demands of our esteemed clients, we are engaged in providing an optimum quality array of Sanitary Pad Making Machine S-150.


  1. Advance Machine with special features of round cutting inside the pad 10mm on both sides of the length.
  2. All outer embossing and cutting without inner three layers- Cotton, SAP, Cotton.
  3. No chance of Leakage after heavy flow during a medical emergency.
  4. Using the ultrasonic and special steel roller, sewn without thread heating.
  5. We can use a fluffy layer of cotton instead of the inner three-layer- (Cotton+SAP+Cotton) only in this model of Machine.
  6. Use a separate steel cutting mold, 10 times longer life than the traditional model. More flat, more beautiful, no wrinkles.
  7. Machine with auto backside glue release paper attach function, more efficiency, and easy operation.
  8. Napkin size(L*W):265*145mm, other sizes according to our customers.
  9. Machine with auto counting and will stop once reach setting production.
  10. Machine with 6nos. fabric feeding roll, each roll tension can be adjusted separately.
  11. Suitable for PP nonwoven fabric, Hot air/Air through nonwoven, PE film, SAP paper, SS hydrophilic nonwoven, etc.

Technical Parameter

Input Power supply 220V/ Single Phase
Machine Load 5 KW
Regular Speed 80-100 pcs/min
Napkin size (LXW) 250x155mm
Machine Size (LXWXH) 5.5X3.1X5 Foot
Stand Size (LXWXH) 7.2X2.6X4.3

Main Parts List

No. Name Specification QTY
1 Main Motor 3HP 1 Set
  2   Gear Box (75:30:90) Ratio (Univario Transmission)   1 Set
3 Drive for Main Motor Single Phase/ 3 Phase (delta) 1 Set
4 Horn Booster with Ultrasonic Box 9 Inch. / 15 KW 1 Set
5 Embossing Roller 1 Set
6 Cutting Roller 2 Set
7 Hard MS Roller 2 Set
8 Rubber Roller 2 Set
9 MS Roller 2 Set
10 PLC (Delta) 1 Set
11 Display Inch. (Delta) 1set
12 Servo Motor (Delta) 1 Set
13 Servo Motor Drive 1 Set
14 Stand For 7 Rolls 1 Set
15 2.8 Meter Conveyor with Separate Motor Drive 1 Set
16 Auto Waste Controller System 1 Set
17 Servo Stabilizer 5 KVA 1 Set
18 Online UV Sterilization 1 Set

Normal Match 
  • 1st Layer Air through Nonwoven
  • 2nd Layer Cotton
  • 3rd Layer Puffed SAP paper
  • 4th Layer Cotton
  • 5th Layer Air through Nonwoven
  • 6th Layer PE Film
  • 7th Layer Release Paper
Air through nonwoven is soft and touches the skin directly, ADL function is to help the blood to move from air through nonwoven to the SAP absorption layer Puffed SAP paper, SAP sheet function is to absorb blood PE file and PP nonwoven function is prevent leakage.